About Us

Bradley and Scott at Scott’s Wedding, 2016

We are…

Bradley McLean and Scott Allen.

Bradley McLean is the “B” in BS and the believer of the team. He has an incredible family of a beautiful wife and four children. He works as a technician specialist and has been in the mechanic field for 14 years. Bradley served in the Army Reserves for five years (2005-2011). His skills are technical and mechanical prowess, marksmanship, and lifting heavy things. His hobbies include weight lifting, motorcycle riding, hunting, fishing, and working with his hands. All of these skills have served him in life and all of them are valuable skills in investigating the afterlife. (Seriously, he lifted trees to make a bridge once for an episode). His life is filled with paranormal experiences and stories that made Bradley curious about what is out there. He does believe in Bigfoot, and that a tall primate species hides (and sometimes are caught) among us. Identifying as a Christian, Bradley believes that most if not all paranormal activity is boiled down to either angelic or demonic activity. If there is a clear answer to what the “other” is, then he is open to accept it.

Scott is the “S” in BS and the skeptical one on the team. He has five college degrees, which he will not hesitate to brag about. His degrees are: Associate of Arts, Cum Laude in General Studies from Chipola College; Dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and Religious Studies, Magna Cum Laude from The University of South Florida; Master of Arts in History (American) from Colorado State University; and Master of Education in Education and Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University. His background knowledge of the paranormal comes from some independent research and time in his religious studies program. He was introduced to the academic field of near-death experiences and the afterlife as a student, and still questions the sociological significance of “ghost, bigfoot, and extraterrestrial” experiences. Scott approaches his investigations as a skeptic, but also with a second mind-frame, which is how a believer would understand the situation. He is still open to the possibility that something might exist given that a ghost or bigfoot appears clearly in front of him or that clear audio evidence of a ghost is present in a controlled environment.

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