Haunted Road Trip 2021

Anonymous Haunted Hotel, Mississippi

This year’s road trip began in June, rather than July. I wanted to not be on the road for Independence Day. My first stop was not a haunted location, but at a Hampton Inn in Springfield, Missouri. After a full 13 hours on the road, the break was necessary in order to make sure I had stamina for the investigation the following night.

The first paranormal stop would be at an anonymous haunted hotel in Mississippi. I never investigated in Mississippi before, and was looking forward to the experience. I arrived at the hotel, and had a discussion about the history of the house and the architecture. Then, asked the owner for permission to investigate in the room, which I had rented for the night. He asked that I not investigate anything else and to keep it in my room. So, I agreed.

I began to unpack my equipment. Before going too far, however, I set up one camera and an audio recording device. The device was on a dresser just right of the door (facing it), and the camera was on the left of the fireplace (facing it). As I was unpacking, I was talking to myself, which was audible on the audio recorder. I caught two interesting EVPs at this time. One said, what sounds like “Help me…” and the other says a sentence akin to, “Alright then. I’ll let you know.” Honestly, there is room to argue that these voices were the owner, who was working on a refurbishing project in the kitchen in the evening hours, but I don’t know if he could have possibly sounded like a feminine child. The owner was gone by about 8 PM it seemed like or at least had left the main house locked up. I was the only guest, or the only guest who signed his book for the night, having arrived later than desired.

At around 5:30ish, I started a K2 session on the couch. I am going to mention here that this room was larger than the average urban studio apartment. Half the room was a living room, the other was the bedroom, and a large walk-in closet was behind the wall at the head of the bed, and a large bathroom was beyond that. This was one room at this hotel. Nevertheless, the K2 session on the couch was for not, and no EVPs or video evidence came from the session either.

I did some equipment setup planning, where I checked angles and moved objects around to fit the best shots. I spent about two hours just angling everything to the best of the room. I had one camera facing the bed the hall to the closet and bathroom. I got strange feelings in the closet, so I pointed a camera in there. My third camera was next to the bed on the left (facing it) pointing to the rest of the room. Nothing was in the bathroom, but I didn’t hear or feel anything in there to be transparent.

It was about 8PM after getting everything situated that I decided to take a break and be a guest for a while. I did decided to begin another K2 session on the bed, but got nothing. I turned everything off, ate dinner, and turned the on the TV. I was about an hour into a movie when I felt a pinch into my arm and a stinging, burning feeling that was unique to me began to irritate the area. I took a picture, then another twenty seconds apart, and three red lines were visible. I maintain that it was merely a splinter or substance on the couch that irritated my arm, but it is strange that was the only irritant I had that whole night in the room.

I chose to let it be, so that I could not only finish the movie, but I also wanted to see if anything else at all happened. It appeared as if nothing did to my knowledge. Around 9:30-10 the movie ended and I started my rounds turning on the gear I placed perfectly around this huge room. On video, while I was doing this, “orbs” appeared on camera. I caught two in the main room and one in the closet later in the evening.

I did think for a moment that a huge thing occurred. I put three racket balls around the room in places where if barely touched they would move significantly. I said out loud, “If you move one of these, then I will believe.” I was walking around to double check everything, and a ball on a nightstand near the bed was on the floor. I actually almost tripped over it. Upon reviewing the camera facing the bed. I was plugging in my phone to charge and the ball rolled off when I moved the cord on the nightstand.

I decided to begin another K2 session on the bed, and had three “bumps.” The lights flashed on the queues. First, I said, “Do you want to give me the middle finger” and something to the effect of ‘get rid of me,’ and the lights flashed. I received nothing for a while and asked if it just didn’t care what I was saying, and they flashed at that. While sitting there, fairly full from dinner, I had an interesting craving for ham and cornbread. I am not a huge cornbread fan. I have to be in just the right mood for cornbread. When I brought up ham, the lights flashed for the final time.

I read online that people in bed in the dark get the feeling that someone was watching from above them. There are three cubbies that lead to god-knows-where above the bed, but they are deep, because I checked them. I noticed that there was a locked door as well on the wall beside the fireplace with no idea what was kept or stored in there. I kept the cameras on through the night. Stayed up until about one, on my phone, and fell asleep around two, listening inbetween for anything that seemed off. Nothing seemed off. I slept like a rock.

The next morning I awoke to a delicious breakfast cooked by the owner. He asked if I discovered anything, and I told him that I wouldn’t know until I went over everything. He asked me kindly to not reveal the name of or the city of the hotel, because he does not like “ghost people” coming and trashing the place, which was a common occurrence for him at one point. I told him that no one would find out from me, where I went. I changed all of the social media posts from the name of the town and place to anonymous location in Mississippi, which I have followed suite with this blog.

All-in-all, I had a few things that might be interpreted by some as paranormal, but I cannot say that the place is absolutely haunted. If I could, I wouldn’t tell you where it was anyway. I also cannot call absolute BS on it. I did have some interesting EVPs and the scratch on my arm was strange. I would like to go back and stay in multiple rooms for slightly different experiences, and try to recreate similar events like orbs or EVPs by moving through the room and talking through the walls.

The Thomas House Inn- Red Boiling Rocks, Tennessee

Coming in December…

Published by BS Paranormal Investigations

BS Paranormal Investigations is a two-man team. Bradley (the B in BS) is a believer in the paranormal, extraterrestrial, and the existence of some crytpozoological species with a background in military and mechanics. Scott (the S in BS) is a skeptic with a scholarly background. Most importantly, Bradley and Scott are lifelong friends. With 30 years of friendship behind them, they balance one another's outlooks on the worlds of paranormal, cryptozoological, and extraterrestrial researching. They have done the research into these worlds, but have only recently begun to investigate places as a team. Their Youtube channel BS Paranormal Investigations has its first season of investigations coming in late September 2020.

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