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Haunted Road Trip 2021

Anonymous Haunted Hotel, Mississippi This year’s road trip began in June, rather than July. I wanted to not be on the road for Independence Day. My first stop was not a haunted location, but at a Hampton Inn in Springfield, Missouri. After a full 13 hours on the road, the break was necessary in order…

Scott’s Haunted Experience

There are multiple moments in my life where I look back and say, “huh, that’s odd.” But, there are many logical explanations for these events. I want to begin with my earliest memories of being horrified by “ghosts” or the paranormal. Then I will go into the experiences I believed were true in my late…

Haunted Road Trip 2020

The Elms, Excelsior Springs, MO: July 4, 2020 The first stop on BS Paranormal’s Haunted Road Trip 2020 was The Elms. It was about eight to nine hours from my house in Colorado (with stops). Once I arrived, I was fairly nervous about my odds of getting permission to investigate. I checked in to my…

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